Franklin Pierce College Pavilion (now gone)

The pavilion at Franklin Pierce College; built by The Timber Framers Guild, as part of their annual conference. This structure has as rich as reflected ceiling plan as any I have ever built; heavy rafters, slender purlins, light rafters, and strapping for the cedar shingles – all overlaid and visible from within. Chains hold the open structure down at the post feet. My fine friend, the amazingly nimble Dave Carter, and I ended up shingling the 4:12 roof by full moon and with full tummies. He was determined to keep shingling, but concerned about falling off, so he had me nail his shirt to the roof. When I retrieved him in the morning, we peeled off the circular pattern of shingles he had installed. Among the many tales I might tell of the inaugural party, I will only mention that our beloved Mark Witter played blues and my toe was crushed by a tipping beer keg, but I danced on. I loved this building.

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