Thick, REALLY Thick, Front Doors

These “destination doors” are thick, multi-jambed, and heavy, with a distant-pivoting axis that induces distinctive opening movement – these babies MOVE, not just swing. The doors have double jambs, like bank vaults, with the associated great air seal. In order to further reduce the pinch on the flashing (while hugely upgrading the “wow factor”) the heavy strap hinges pivot from a point a couple feet outside the door jamb. This means that the door moves in, as it is opened, as opposed to swinging in. This is a door that your entire town/village/city will note and knock upon, just to feel it open in front of them. Call us, for details. One of these doors justifies both heavy posts along walls and large entries. We have German sources for the spectacular heavy hinges required, and Italian sources for the exotic hardware at the corners of door framing. You will never regret sponsoring the first of these doors in your own sphere of influence.

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