The Ten (Or So) Best Things About Losing Your Hair

1. It is a solid start on your “grown up disguise;” for those occasions when you need to fool people.

2. It can be a great costume accessory -- Wil Wilkins’ instant-impromptu classic “BAN Roll-On in a T-Shirt” comes to mind.

3. The range of body temperature modulating strategies is extended.

4. The deck of your life is finally cleared of the groupies, allowing you to focus your boarding party energies on those who are actually worth the effort.

5. The change can provide some genetic confirmations of fatherhood -- if you need them.

6. Establishes a comforting contrast and perspective when you hang out with your children.

7. Provides a daily reminder of your aging and mortality; and the attendant spur to get/keep moving.

8. Shampoo is over-rated.

9. The Brotherhood of It All: Many women give birth, but few go through this. Many good men have and will. Cancer fighters can always use the support of others comfortable with their naked pates.

10. It is easy to appear young and vigorous -- when you are young. Only the intriguing do so after this.

11. It really is consoling and sensuous to rub a nerve-laden and bare scalp.

12. Who really needed it, in the first place? Starts to look like a vestigial organ, harking back to obsolete lifestyles and species.

Ben generated this list during the final throes of an epic run up from the Carolinas. Top down, laughing to himself, deciding against exploring Rogain. On that trip, Ben also noted that it is impossible to buy dental floss in southern convenience stores. He wonders if that factoid is related to the fact that he saw more Volvo trucks (one) than Volvo cars during his entire stay in the Carolinas.

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