Post Alchemy

How DO you attach a timber to a steel beam, holding from moving around and up, while not leaving any flagrant hardware visible? Clearly, impaling the post foot is part of the story, but then what? We came up with this detail for the Wilson Farms job and are still using variations on it. A simple coupler is welded to the beam, with threaded rod sticking up into the post. A Chicago Eye nut is threaded onto the top of that rod, leaving a hole for a dowel to pass through. How to hit that eye with a dowel, though? The method I developed is: drill a large hole from one side, use that hole to drill a tight hole through the eye and the far side of the post. Then, plug the large hole and back drill it through the dowel-sized hole. Drive the steel dowel and plug it. Only the truly weirdly attentive would notice the two differing diameters of the “pegs” on either side of the post.

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