Hall Winery with Gehry

What can we say, about this wild project? Frank Gehry has to top many lists of “greatest living American architects,” with his entirely personal style and remarkable portfolio of notable structures. The Hall Winery, in the Napa Valley, will be a jewel, even in that box of fabulous buildings. Nearly an acre of crumpled trellis is supported on a grid of well and truly tortured glue-laminated beams. Ben has visited the LA office several times, and offered on-site guidance twice to the team involved in bringing this particular vision to reality. He oversaw the creation of two samples illustrating how that trellis might be built - one exquisitely laminated by G.R. Plume [link] and the other using the remarkable COMPWOOD product. Without question (and as Ben has told the rest of the building team), this building would be “one of the most amazing wooden objects on our continent.” Ben is largely proud of his efforts in behalf of what promises to be a famous piece of our architecture – and a great place to visit and sip classy adult beverages.

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