Green Barn Kit on Maine Island

We designed and managed the construction of a lovely barn, on a sweet little island off the Maine coast, for Steve Thomas. Steve is hosting a new show on the Discovery Channel, called Renovation Nation. His series focuses on green building, including his own new barn/shop/guest house. We did a lot of preparatory work, so that the site work could happen in an admittedly frenetic week. The walls are open heavy stud walls, prefabbed by a local stick framer. The timbers were cut locally, by Connolly Timber Frames. The prefabbed floor system and stairs were done by Benson Woodworking. The roof panels were precut, pre-boarded, and installed by Panel Pros [link]. We are very pleased with the product and now offer versions of the same very flexible building to anyone interested in predictable and delightful timber frame buildings. In the course of the site work, we withstood many challenges specific to small islands with slimy tidal landing ramps. I also learned how a summer neighbor, our own Chief Justice Roberts, likes his burgers – which I could tell you, but only at the cost of both our lives.

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