Elevated Timber/Panel Second Floor Systems

While I was working with Benson Woodworking, we developed what I believe to be the highest value second floor system available to any home builder, anywhere. BWC offers it in their Open-Built™ homes, but the system would work in most new stick-built homes. The components are, in order of installation: exposed girts and joists (they can sit on a few interior timber posts, too), prefabricated large sheets of heavy elevated second flooring, and prefabricated ceiling pans - that set in place, atop the timbers and hide the wiring, ducts, plumbing, and can lights. The advantages of this system include: great looks and higher ceilings, stiff second floor, quiet floor, readily fitted with services, readily repaired and remodeled surfaces. This really is the Floor of the Future. Akin to having your second floor as easily dealt with as is your typical first floor in a home with a basement. Or, like installing a commercially viable suspended ceiling – but one that is a whole lot better looking. We used one in Steve Thomas’ sweet new barn in Maine. Please call us if you are interested in having us provide a signature ceiling for the first floor of your otherwise standard home.

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