"Cheap Beer" and my “Beer Value Chart”

Those who have known me for a week know of my enthusiasm for “plebian beers, ” especially canned American pilsners; particularly Old Milwaukee and Pabst Blue Ribbon. I have adopted my sons’ practice of adding a lime slice, on the theories that: if this can render Corona potable, think what it can do for a Good Beer, and one cannot be too careful with scurvy. In the summer of 1996, for whatever reason, I found myself with Consumer Reports in my lap, including an article on available. The web version of the article put a numeric value on the perceived quality of each beer tested, as well as a cost per six-pack. The engineer in me found the resulting two variable data so graphable as to be irresistible. I offer this chart to those seeking guidance in their beer buying decisions. It includes various iso-value lines, as well baseline price and quality lines – for those unwilling to spend less than a given amount or to serve swill worse than a certain brand. Please feel free to spread this tool as you see fit.

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