The Case of the Missing Post

The client had bought the small local airport in Tewksbury, MA, but realized he really wanted a golf course [link to TCC]. After unpaving and sodding the runways, he needed a clubhouse. The same planning techniques led to our all-but-too-late adding a bumpout for the bridal party to The Big Room. That seventy two foot square space has four large posts with “limb struts” up to the large, shear-keyed purlins and hips. The most desirable spot for the bridal bump was at the corner of the room with a view of both the course outside and the huge fireplace inside. The corner which already had a good sized post intended to carry significant loads. After recovering from our initial dismay, an analysis showed that only minor tweaking would transfer the corner post load back into the interior “tree post.” Not without some nervousness, we cut the post off and left its upside down stump hanging over the bridal bump.

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