A Post for all Seasons and Reasons

The Sugarbush Base Lodge has two rings of double posts, all of them needing to be held in place and down. We wanted a post foot that would hold the posts from kicking out, while allowing us to tip them during assembly. A positive method of holding the posts down to the concrete was critical. Finally, a place to attach straps and comealongs to stabilize high and heavy subassemblies during erection surely would make our work easier and safer. The plates bolt to the concrete slab. The short pipe sections provide shear resistance, without undue restraint against tipping. The threaded coupler provides both the eventual hold-down capacity and the temporary construction connection. In order to assemble it, though, we had to cut a doubly deep mortise for the hold down block, in order for it to stash out of the way until we needed to install the final hold-down rod through it.

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