Timber Stretching Joint

This complex connection is a cutie. It represents every timber framers dream. It is, at least, one answer to the dreadful question: "How DO you stretch a timber, after you've cut it too short?" This was not the actual inspiration for this joint. We had two remarkable timbers that weren't quite long enough together to run the length of the building. We needed this joint, at the center of the building, high over the floor in order to stretch them to reach. The connection design started as one that would be assembled in place, with enough capacity to pull the timbers into line. But one thing led to another, and more pieces got added to the design, and by the time it was through the shop the site crew realized it was so sturdy and so complex that they would be better off connecting the two timbers on the ground and lifting the entire unit. Had I known this at the outset, we would have done it differently – but maybe not, given how dramatically this connection turned out.

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